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  • 5 stars   SR_Ravi 07/10/2013

Have the system since 2006.

Have the system since 2006. I had issue with the system couple of times and Adlee has been very responsive and had a quick turnaround in fixing the issue. I would highly recommend him. I have referred a lot of clients to him without a thought and will continue to do so. Definitely deserves 5 stars.

  • 5 stars   thachiss 07/10/2013

Great System, Great Price

After consulting with several companies, AWP was honest and straight forward about their product. Installation was quick and efficient. After having the system for several month and I had a question about salt consumption, Adli came to my home the same day and checked my system. Very professional company and delivered in everything that was agreed upon. Highly recommend the company and water softener system.

  • 5 stars   SinghR 07/08/2013

Very professional from getting the order…

Very professional from getting the order through the instillation, highly recommend !

  • 5 stars   Anweeshaa 07/07/2013

We just moved to Dublin only to realize…

We just moved to Dublin only to realize that water is very hard. We consulted Puronics, GE, and AWP for water softening systems. Puronics softens the water but does not reccommend RO for pure drinking water and its expensive. Both AWP and GE use WATTS system for water softening and RO. But AWP agreed on a custom deal and Adli all my queries regarding the filtration method and use of Na+/K+ Salts for recharging the system. The installation was quick and efficient to our desired location without any fuss. We would recommend Mr. Adli and his AWP Services in this neighborhood.

  • 5 stars   audry925 07/03/2013

Great Product!

We are so impressed with the service that we received from Adli Rasheed and Advanced water products. Instillation was neat clean and on time, the price was very competitive and the product is great no more spots on my fixtures!!! No more dry skin. We live it!

  • 5 stars   sanramodude 07/02/2013

We have got water softner system from…

We have got water softner system from AWP recently, they did a fantastic job, 3 more of my neighbors also got the system from AWP.

Honest and hardworking folks who provide quality service.

  • 5 stars   akhilesh1975 06/12/2013

This is one of most professional water…

This is one of most professional water treatment companies I have dealt with. Adli and his team are very professional and responsive. They had installed my system within the specified time and tuned it per my needs and has worked flawlessly since then. Adli has been very responsive on my service agreements and follow ups. If you are looking for quality water softener systems and RO systems, this is the company to reach out and get it done. Goodluck.

  • 5 stars   jeancox1 06/06/2013

Great Service

We’ve had Advanced water products installed in our home about 4 Years ago and were very happy with the service. We recently had a minor issue and we called For service and they had a service guy out the same day at no charge to us. Thank you Advanced water!

  • 5 stars   DeepaP 05/07/2013

Good product and good customer service.

Good product and good customer service..

Initially I did not believe I needed water softner system, but after installing it I could see in days that it made a huge difference. No more salt deposits in the sinks or bathtubs.. Reduced the cleaning cycle drastically.

We purchased the softner system from Adli/Advanced Water products(GE sytem) and are very happy with the results. Does not need much maintenance and works well. Adli has done follow ups after installation and made sure it met our needs.

We are very happy with his service and would recommend Adli/Advanced Water Products to anyone looking for water softner system.

  • 5 stars   Jessica_m4 05/06/2013

We have a water filtration system…

We have a water filtration system installed by advanced water products, and we have noticed a big difference in our water and the improvement it made in our home. We had Adli come out– extreamly hlepful– the installation was done on time. He even came back after the initial installation to do a follow up. We are extreamly please with the quality and service we recived. We would recomend Adli to all our family/friends.

  • 5 stars   Ravi_bayarea 05/05/2013

We moved to tri-valley recently and was…

We moved to tri-valley recently and was looking for water softener since water here is hard. I was looking for something to be installed ASAP. I did some research online. However, we got lot of options. Adli from Advanced Water products answered all questions I got and able to get it installed in couple of days. He explained very clearly how their system is better than others though price is reasonable. He is well aware of problem with water in this area and knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend him and his company to any of my friends.

  • 4 stars   GUPTA925 05/04/2013



  • 5 stars   michealA27 05/04/2013


Advanced Water Products installed a water softener in my home in San Ramon, at first we were not sure about result. It turned out to be the best thing we have done in our home. No more dry skin on my 1 year old, no spots on our fixtures,and great tasting water. Thank You Adli for convincing us to install a water softer. We are VERY happy with the results AND service. I recommend Advanced water to any family.

  • 5 stars   RajManju 05/03/2013

we installed a water filtration system…

we installed a water filtration system from Advance Water products and we are extremely happy with the product and service we received so far.

  • 5 stars   Shdublin 05/03/2013

I live in Dublin.

I live in Dublin. We had a great experience with Adli from Advanced Water Products. He installed our water filtration system, and it made a huge difference over the water we had before. We reviewed several other systems, and his was the best quality for the price.

The installation was on-time, and professionally done. We have recommended him to some of our friends, and they were very happy with the service. So, we recommend him to everyone.

  • 5 stars   Ravi 02/25/2012

great service

We moved to san ramon a year ago and had advanced water install a water filtration system at our home and its been a great experience dealing with advanced water the product is great and service is out standing I recommend them highly